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Industrial Boilers

Cannon Bono Energia part of Cannon Group, is dedicated since 1958 to design, manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance of industrial boilers (fire and water tube), heat recovery boilers, auxiliary boilers, thermal fluid heaters and biomass boilers. The Company turns to process manufacturing sectors: food&beverage, packaging, textile, wood processing, bitumen production, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp&paper, plastic&rubber. Furthermore it collaborates with the main oil companies and EPC contractors all over the world, in different areas: upstream, LNG, gas treatment, oil transport and storage, refining, syngas, fertilizers, petrochemical (ethylene, polyesters, PET), power generation, district heating. The strong technical expertise guarantees reliability, primary energy saving and emission reduction. 

Steam Generators

The design of the steam generators, ranging from 0,3 t/h to 200 t/h of steam production, is fully carried out by the Italian technical department that provides mechanical, electrical, automation and process design.

Local projects managers take care of the hole job, from the very beginning of the project till the delivery of the plant, in fully cooperation with the customer.

Robust design, high energy efficiency, ultra low emissions, easy operation are the main features of these boilers.


Thermal Fluid Heaters

Thermal oil heaters are the right choice when customers require high temperatures and thermal stability, as in a wide range of industries: oil & gas, chemicals, textiles, packaging, food & beverage, wood processing. 

Two technologies are proposed: multi-coil and multi-tubular heaters ranging 0,2-40 MW. For installations in critical environment containerized tailor made solution are available. High thermal efficiency, low emissions, easy maintenance are the main features of these boilers.

Hot Water Heaters

Low and high pressure hot water boilers are used for commercial and industrial applications. In particular high pressure hot water boilers are the best fitting solution for district heating and industrial processes where hot water is required. The offer includes fire tube design up to 14 MW and water tube design up to 80 MW.

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery boilers recover the waste heat from gas turbines, diesel engines or from high temperature industrial processes. Complete turn-key solutions, from the hot waste fumes outlet to the boiler exhaust stack are available.

Biomass Boilers

Cannon Bono Energia can offer biomass fired steam generators and thermal fluid heaters too, using a variety of waste fuels such as olive husks, rice husks, wet and spent marc and wood chips.

Process industry is the main field of application of this technology, in particular food, paper and wood industry, where the production wastes is a free of charge fuel to produce heat used in the process and electric power as well. 

Another important application is the district heating in areas where the biomass is easily available and can represent a competitive alternative to the fossil fuel. 

The boiler can be provided in a complete CHP turn-key plant Combined Heat and Power plants) for heat generation for industrial processes, electrical power and district heating for small and medium communities. 

Boiler's Control System

The smart electronic control system can efficiently manage industrial boilers and the boiler room, providing a high safety level, the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption in operation. Emergency maintenance and plant outage costs are notably reduced. 

Hot Water
Heat recovery
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