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Water Treatment Systems

Cannon Artes, part of Cannon Group, since 1977 designs and manufactures equipment and complete plants for process and waste water treatments, such as: water preparation for beverages, food and pharmaceutical industries, desalination, demineralisation, deaeration and softening of boilers’ feed water, biologic and chemical-physical treatments for effluent water from paper mills, textile and steel industries and small communities. Furthermore the Company collaborates with the main oil companies and EPC contractors all over the world, in different areas: upstream produced and injection water, LNG, gas treatment, refining, syngas, fertilizers, petrochemical, power generation, district heating. These treatment systems are designed by Cannon Artes’ engineers on its own know how and mostly on proprietary technologies. Cannon Artes is currently committed to the highest efficiency in water and waste water treatment systems fully compatible with the goal of "sustainable development" of industrial activities.

Process Water Treatment

In industrial processes the quality of the water used is very important: it affects the quality of the final product and the efficiency of production machinery and equipments. In particular drinking water and water used in food processing industry  have to meet very strict compulsory standards. Special efforts have been made by Cannon Artes to minimize water depletion.

Waste Water Treatment

Preserving our Planet, closed attention must be paid  to the discharge of industrial water and sanitary water: a proper treatment is needed to avoid environmental pollution. Thanks to very effective technologies it is now possible to use effluents to recharge ground water, to feed directly the industrial process they are produces by, or to address them to agricultural, urban or potable reuse.

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