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About Us

Cannon Far East is a wholly owned company of the Cannon Group, which provides worldwide industries with dedicated engineering for reactive polymers processing technologies (polyurethanes and composites), thermoforming, steam & water solutions and industrial automation.


Cannon Far East  started its operation in 2000, it is headquartered in Singapore and it is ISO 9000 certified. In order to be close to the market, speak the local languages and to provide prompt technical support to the local industries, Cannon Far East subsequently set up its own offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou),  Taiwan,  Malaysia,  Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, and handles directly the rest of the countries in South East Asia.


In 2005 Cannon Far East established a manufacturing base in Zhongshan, Guangzhou province, China - Zhongshan Shinnon Machinery Co. Ltd - Shinnon has since then delivered many plant and simple PU machinery to the Chinese market, further strengthening the presence of Cannon in China.


Cannon brand of Polyurethane foaming machines and plants have been in the Far East area since 1980. Till today, thousands of Cannon foaming equipment and plants have been installed in the market and its strong presence in the field of Polyurethane put Cannon in the leadership position against all its other competitors.


In the late 1980's Cannon added to its range of Polyurethane equipment other plastics processing technologies, as Thermoforming and Composites. In addition to these Cannon acquired leading Companies active in the fields of Energy Production and Environmental Treatments, Aluminium Die-casting and Industrial Electronic Controls. Cannon Far East is entrusted with the sales, marketing and technical services of all the products of the Cannon Group in the Far East Area.


Under the technical guidance of the Italy head offices, Cannon Far East is able to provide certain localization and modification of the equipment and plant in order to suit and meet the budget of the customers.


Cannon Far East not only supply equipment and plants of the Cannon Group, it also distributes the following products and equipment in order to provide complete services to its customers:


  • Wintech International Pty Ltd, with it’s manufacturing center based in Perth, Western Australia, is a specialist supplier of contour, hot-wired, fast-wired and oscillating blades cutting machines for the foam industries. The machines are designed to cut: Flexible and Rigid flexible foams of PU, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, Polyethylene (PE) foam, Phenolic foams, EVA foam, Rock wool, Rebond or chip foam, PVC foam.


Welcome to Cannon Far East!

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